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DIY wasp nest treatment - is it really worth the risk?
If a wasp feels its nest is under threat in any way, it will release an attack pheromone that will instruct the rest of the
colony to attack you.

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From one queen wasp...
By the end of the summer when the nest is complete, there can be as many as 15,000 wasps living in your loft.
They are no longer focused on building the nest, they are now craving sweet things - this is when they are the most menacing.

Call 0800 180 4989
Call 0800 180 4989

Removing a wasp nest... 

Signs of a nest

Wasps will often make nests in shielded areas of your home. On hotter days and later in the summer you may see a steady stream of wasps coming and going through one small gap.

Safety Comes First

Using an 8 metre extendable lance, mosts nests can be treated at ground level and at a safe distance from the attack zone.

Nest Destruction

Usually from the outside, specialist wasp insecticide is injected at high pressure into the heart of the nest. By the morning the nest will be totally inactive.

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